2020 Toyota 4Runner parked in a driveway

Large interior of 2020 Toyota 4Runner SUV provides a lot of passenger and cargo space

2020 Toyota 4Runner Passenger and Cargo Space 

Shopping for a new SUV that can give you the power and capability you’re looking for on and off the road while also getting the passenger and cargo space you need just got a lot easier thanks to Toyota. The new 2020 Toyota 4Runner offers a powerful engine and a highly capable four-wheel drive system that can handle almost any terrain while also giving you an interior that has impressive amounts of both passenger and cargo space. Keep reading to learn how many passengers the 2020 Toyota 4Runner can carry and how much cargo space it has to offer you. 

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How Many Passengers Can Fit in the 2020 Toyota 4Runner? 

2020 Toyota 4Runner front seats

The interior of the 2020 Toyota 4Runner has three rows of seats that can accommodate seating for up to seven passengers. With comfortable seats and a long list of comfort features, the 2020 Toyota 4Runner SUV has all the passenger space you’re looking for in a new family vehicle. Whether you’re going on a grocery run, picking up the kids, or packing the 2020 Toyota 4Runner for a camping weekend, you’ll find all the space you need when choosing this SUV. 

How Much Cargo Space is in the 2020 Toyota 4Runner? 

2020 Toyota 4Runner rear cargo area

The key to finding the right SUV is to know what you need from it. If you want a new SUV that can offer you a lot of rear cargo space while also giving you the capability and versatility you need every day, the 2020 Toyota 4Runner is a perfect choice. When folding the second- and third-row seats down, the 2020 Toyota 4Runner will give you up to 88.8 cu-ft of rear cargo space. With all that space, you’ll be able to haul large and long items with ease. 

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