Car tires on a snow-covered road

Are winter tires necessary?

There is no doubt that Wisconsin winters are brutal. That’s why it’s so important to equip your vehicle so it can perform its best. Experts have found time and time again that winter tires are necessary in order to get the most out of your vehicle in snow- and ice-covered roads.

Winter tires are very different from summer and all-season tires and have deeper tread depths and unique tread patterns that channel snow and water for maximum steering and braking capability. Where the tread on summer and all-season tires stiffens in bitterly cold temperatures, A stack of tiresthe tread on winter tires remains flexible.

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Where do people store winter tires?

One concern that our customers have about owning two sets of tires (a set of all-season tires for summer and a set of winter tires) is where to store the second set. There are many options when it comes to tire storage. Tires need to be protected from humidity and moisture fluctuations. One way to do that is to put a bag over each individual tire and store the set in a cool, dry place away from areas that emit carbon monoxide, such as the furnace. Basements, heated garages and workshops are all great places to store tires. Just be sure to keep the set away from direct sunlight, which can dry the rubber out and cause cracking.

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While heated storage spaces are ideal, not everyone has that. In fact, many people choose to store winter tires in an unheated garage or shed. While this isn’t ideal, it’s a better option than if the tires were stored outside in the elements. Tires can also be stored upright on a rack or stacked.

Winter tires price in Green Bay, WI

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