How to Prep Your Car for Spring

Read These Tips to Get Your Car Ready For Spring

How to Prep Your Car for Spring

While the weather in Wisconsin is anything but predictable, the warmer spring season is almost upon us here in Green Bay. After many months of blizzards and winter driving, we wanted to give you a few tips for how to prep your car for spring.

Check Your Battery

The frozen winter weather can often be rough with car batteries. In fact, at 0 degrees, car batteries can lose up to 60 percent of its power. Even at 32 degrees, which feels warm in Wisconsin in the winter months, a car battery can still lose up to 35 percent of power. Because of this, be sure to test your car battery before going on your next trip.

man washing his car with a spongeCheck Your Tires

The colder the weather gets, the lower your tire pressure will drop. For example, tire pressure will decrease about 1 PSI for every 10 degrees the temperature drops. Under-inflated tires can even affect your gas mileage and handling.

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Check Alignment

With the rugged driving terrains that snow and ice bring to driving in Green Bay, as well as the effect that road salt can have on the cement, it’s also a good idea to check your car’s alignment. If your car isn’t exactly driving straight or handling properly, it would be wise to have a professional look into re-aligning your car.

Wash Your Car

Speaking of road salt and poor driving conditions, the harsh weather and salt can also have a strong effect on the appearance of your car. If you’re excited to be able to take your car on fun rides around the city in the warmer weather, make sure to get your car sparkling clean and looking good.

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