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Is an Auto Dealership Repair Worth It?

Top 5 Advantages to Dealership Auto Service vs Local Shops

Vehicle service is often something that feels like a burden and choosing whether to bring your vehicle to a local shop or an automotive dealership can be tricky. At Le Mieux & Son Toyota we believe that bringing your vehicle to the experts at an auto dealership is always the best bet. That is why we’ve put together this list of the top five advantages to choosing dealership auto service over a local shop to show you why auto dealership repairs are more than worth it.

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5 Perks of Vehicle Service at Auto Dealerships

  • Speed: Going to an auto dealership for vehicle repair is likely going to be much quicker than it would be if you went to a local independent shop. Dealerships tend to have a much larger service area and being able to work on multiple vehicles at once means that your wait time is much shorter. Vehicles in automotive shop
  • Genuine Parts: When you take your Toyota vehicle to a local Toyota dealership, like Le Mieux & Son Toyota, for service you are able to ensure that your vehicle is getting fixed up with only genuine OEM parts. Not only will you have the confidence knowing that your vehicle is being fitted with genuine parts, but dealerships are also more likely to have everything you’ll need on hand, so there’s no waiting period for the ordering and delivery of parts.
  • Expert Service: Local independent mechanics are often familiar with a wide range of vehicle types and brands. When you bring your Toyota vehicle to a Toyota dealership you can feel confident knowing your vehicle is in good hands with technicians who are certified in all things Toyota.
  • Thorough Review: Auto technicians at dealerships often have the ability to give you a full rundown of every service they’ve done on your vehicle, which allows you to build a full record of your vehicle’s history. Additionally, all of this documentation can help you see where your payments are going and ensure you are not being overcharged.
  • Amenities: Dealerships often provide guests with a comfortable waiting area with vending machines, free coffee, televisions, books, and more to keep you occupied while you wait for your vehicle. The waiting experience at a dealership will likely be much more enjoyable and comfortable compared to that of a local shop.

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Toyota Vehicle Service in Green Bay, WI

At Le Mieux & Son Toyota you can be confident that your Toyota is good hands during routine vehicle service, bodywork, repairs, and more. Our team of experts is committed to providing the best service around, so you never have to question whether your auto dealership service or repairs were worth it. You can book a service appointment with our staff using our online scheduling tool or by contacting a member of our team today.