Two cars driving in the snow

Ways to maximize fuel economy in the winter

Wisconsin winters are brutal. It’s a good thing Wisconsinites are tough people. For many people in our state, winter means adventures ice fishing, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and so much more. From Packer parties to trips to the lake, winter in Wisconsin is a busy time for many people.

With so much traveling to do, it’s easy to notice that you may not be getting the fuel economy you used to. The good news is there is something you can do about it. Here’s how to maximize your fuel economy in the winter and get the very best from your vehicle.  

Close-up of the tires on a sedan

Keep tires in good condition 

Quality tires are key to maximizing fuel economy. That’s why it’s important to check periodically to ensure that your vehicle’s tires have good tread and adequate air pressure. In it’s in this way that you can be sure that the tires are performing the very best and are helping deliver the strongest fuel efficiency.  

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Limit vehicle idling 

Did you know that the fastest way to warm up your vehicle’s engine is by driving? It’s true! In fact, one great way to improve fuel economy is to limit the amount of time the vehicle is idling. In addition, allowing the vehicle to warm up before blasting the heat and the seat warmers can also help improve fuel economy. That’s because the vehicle can put more energy towards warming up the engine rather than the vehicle’s accessories (heater, seat warmers, etc.), which helps maximize fuel economy. 

Avoid short trips 

Short trips (3-4 miles) in freezing temperatures can negatively affect your vehicle’s fuel economy. That’s because the vehicle’s engine never has a chance to really warm up fully. Instead, consider combining trips when you can so you drive less with a cold engine. 

Remove vehicle accessories 

Does your vehicle have a bike or roof rack or perhaps a roof cargo carrier? One way you can improve fuel economy is to remove these accessories when not in use. That way your vehicle is more aerodynamic, which translates into better fuel economy figures.  

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What tips and tricks do you have for maximizing your fuel economy? We invite you to share your thoughts and experience in the comments below! From all of us at Le Mieux Toyota, thank you for reading!