Close-up of Toyota logo on RAV4 Prime Plug-In Hybrid

What’s the origin of popular Toyota vehicle models?

Meaning of common Toyota model names 

Have you ever wondered what the meaning behind the name of a Toyota model is? Perhaps it’s the Toyota Sienna or the Prius. Are the names Japanese or Italian in origin? Something else entirely? We have the inside scoop! Here’s what the letters in some of the most popular Toyota model names mean.  

  • Camry – Japanese for crown 
  • C-HR – Coupe High Rider 
  • RAV4 – Recreational Active Vehicle with 4WD 
  • Sienna – Named after the Italian city of Sienna 
  • Prius – From the Latin prefix meaning “to go before” 
  • Mirai – “Future” in Japanese 
  • Corolla – The petals of a flower 
  • Supra – From the Latin prefix meaning “ to surpass” 
  • Yaris – From the name Charis, a goddess of Greek mythology 
  • Yaris iA – The “i” highlights the vehicle’s intriguing style and that it’s easy on the income. The “A” acknowledges the vehicle’s large trunk and aggressive styling.  

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What do the letters in Toyota model names mean? 

Specific model names aside, have you also been curious about what the letters in Toyota trims stand for? We are talking specifically about the letters after the name of the vehicle that denote the trim/model. For example, what does XLE stand for in the 2020 Toyota RAV4 XLE? Or, what about the 2020 Toyota Highlander LE? Here are some of the most common Toyota model names you will see and what each means.  

2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime Plug-In Hybrid logo
  • L – Entry-level grade 
  • LE- Luxury Edition 
  • S – Sport 
  • SLE – Sport Luxury Edition 
  • SE – Sport Edition 
  • SR – Sport Rally 
  • XL – Executive Luxury 
  • XLE – Executive Luxury Edition 
  • XLS – Executive Luxury Sport 
  • XSE – Extreme Sport Edition 

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