Close-up of numbers in a VIN

Where is a VIN on a Toyota?

Your Toyota is made of thousands of parts that all tell a story. From the information on the tires to the little tags on the seatbelts, your Toyota contains many individual pieces. But perhaps one of the most important bits of information is your Toyota’s VIN number. This is essentially your vehicle’s social security number and contains many interesting parts, including details about the engine and the year the vehicle was made. The VIN on your Toyota can be found on the lower-right corner of the dashboard, inside of the doorjamb on the driver’s side door or on the metal or plastic bar right under the front passenger seat.

How do I read my Toyota VIN number?How to find the VIN number on a Toyota

One helpful way to understand your Toyota’s VIN is to check out the Department of Motor Vehicle’s handy online VIN decoder. Keep in mind that only vehicles manufactured after 1981 have a 17-character VIN while those produced before might have a different number. Essentially, each series of characters in the VIN tells you:

  1. Where the vehicle was built
  2. The brand that manufactured the vehicle
  3. Specifics about the vehicle itself, including engine size
  4. Security code for the vehicle
  5. Model year
  6. Which plant assembled your car, truck or crossover SUV
  7. Vehicle serial number

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What is a VIN used for?

The VIN is an important piece of information used when purchasing or selling a pre-owned vehicle. Without the VIN, there is no way for someone to research the vehicle’s history. This is an issue if someone is trying to buy your vehicle and they are trying to learn more information about the vehicle itself.

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