2019 Toyota Tacoma driving up a hill

Where is the VIN on a Toyota Tacoma?

From time to time you will have to share your vehicle identification number (VIN) on paperwork and important documents. This number identifies your individual vehicle and is composed of 17 characters that together indicate specific information, including the model’s unique features, specifications and manufacturer. Finding the VIN is straightforward if you know where to look.

Toyota models can have the VIN on top of the dashboard or inside the driver’s side door. But what about your Toyota Tacoma? For the 2019 Toyota Tacoma specifically, both Access Cab and Double Cab models have the VIN number on the top left of the dashboard next to the windshield. The number can also be found on the Certification Label on the door jam of the driver’s side door. You can also find this number on your insurance card and your vehicle registration card.

Detail of 2019 Toyota Tacoma VIN on dashboard

2019 Toyota Tacoma VIN Number


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How to find the engine number on a Toyota Tacoma2019 Toyota Tacoma engine number location

The engine number is a helpful detail to have when you need to get your Toyota Tacoma serviced. Depending on the engine type, the location of the identification number varies by engine and model, but it will always be found on the engine block.

Is an engine number and a VIN the same?

The two numbers are different, but the VIN does contain the engine code.

What does a VIN mean?

It seems like a random string of numbers and letters, but each character has a specific meaning. The first three digits are called the World Manufacturer Identifier and indicate where your vehicle was made. The following five characters refer to your vehicle’s body style, engine type, vehicle series and much more and are called the Vehicle Description Section. Finally, the remaining characters in the VIN indicate the vehicle’s model year, unique serial number and other details.

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