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No Service Fee

When you’re shopping for a new or used vehicle, you shouldn’t have to worry about hidden fees after the purchase. At LeMieux Toyota we recognize that our customers have plenty of choices when it comes to car dealerships. That’s why when they choose to do business with us, we thank them by doing all the paperwork for free. We don’t charge a service fee. Each year we save our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars that other dealerships charge.

The service fee is printed on the buyer’s order disguised as a “fee” meant to be confused with legitimate state and local fees like sales tax and license fees. Virtually every dealer in Wisconsin adds a service fee to the price he quotes you on a car. These dealers, when questioned, justify the fee by saying “all dealers in Wisconsin charge a service fee”, or “Wisconsin law will not allow me to remove the fee”. It is true that if a dealer charges one customer a service fee, they must charge every customer a service fee.

So, be sure to add to the price you’re quoted the service fee that dealerships charge to get the actual cost of doing business with them.

Once again, here at Lemieux Toyota, we do not charge a service fee to our customers saving them hundreds of dollars on their new or used vehicle.

Please speak with our trade advisor for more information.